It is often hard for businesses, both new and old, to maintain high-quality, accurate, and usable accounting records. For this reason, having a trained accountant or bookkeeper in your workforce can be incredibly beneficial.
As an accounting company, we specialize in working with corporate clients of all types. Our expert accountants and bookkeepers bring with them a high level of knowledge to help you with HST filing, organizing expense accounts, and more so you can save thousands of dollars on taxes every year.
We understand that running a business is costly enough that you might not find it fit to invest in an equally expensive accounting service. But we are here to tell you that at Sharptax Consulting, our services are automated, making them efficient and cost-efficient, thereby bettering your business’s financial foundation.


At Sharptax Consulting, we are fully equipped to offer you all kinds of business services. Right from incorporation to smooth operations and dissolution, or succession planning, you can undoubtedly rely on our services. Reach out to us, and let us assist you throughout your journey.
If you are planning to register your corporation federally, you are well on the right track. From limited personal risk to government grants, the ability to use the same business name across Canada, great planning opportunities, and tax advantages, the benefits are many. However, incorporating a business federally isn’t a walk in the park. That’s why we have put together our federal corporation registration services.
Our Canadian federal corporation registration services are offered by professionals who are experienced in forming and organizing companies from various industries throughout Canada. In addition, as a business consulting firm, we provide personalized legal advice and corporate structuring that’s unique to your situation.
Once you decide to incorporate, the first choice to make would be between registering your corporation federally or provincially. If you have decided to go with the latter, you should know that it is expensive compared to incorporating federally. Additionally, you will only be able to operate your business in the province of your choice. For instance, if you are opening your corporation in Ontario, you will only be able to use your business name in Ontario.
Whether you are confused about proceeding with this option and want advice, or need assistance with incorporating your Ontario corporation, reach out to us. We serve clients throughout Canada, so ring us to schedule a meeting to discuss your needs.
Essentially, a master business license known as MBL is a business name registration statement offered to service providers in Ontario. For instance, when a sole proprietor business is registered in Ontario, the government issues a master business license.
If you are a sole proprietor and want to register your business in Ontario, feel free to reach out to us to receive the final documents at the earliest.
Are you planning to export goods to other countries or import goods into Canada? If yes, then the chances are that you are looking to get an import/export program account with CRA. And Sharptax Consulting can help you significantly in this matter.
With our assistance, we guarantee you will be able to walk smoothly through the entire registration process. We prepare the application on your behalf and send it for processing, and once the application is processed, we keep you updated about its status until it gets accepted. Thus, we simplify and quicken the import/export license application process so you can kickstart your business a day earlier.
Change is a normal part of every business. It is an essential step towards enhancing staff performance, improving goods or services, and expanding. Our people work hard every day to assist you with your change management—whether it is adding a director, changing your address, business name, or adding a trading name.
With our curated steps, we ensure a smooth transition, thereby strengthening your business and helping you retain your staff, business skills, and knowledge.

Unfortunately, not all businesses succeed to the level their owners anticipate and they might end up dissolving their corporations. When your business ceases operations, you might have a lot on your mind that you would find it a hassle to go through the additional steps. Let Sharptax Consulting handle the process of ending your business so that you can concentrate on the other important requirements.

As a small business owner, it is your responsibility to set up a safe and secure workplace for your employees, which means you need affordable workplace insurance. The WSIB (Work Place Safety and Insurance Board) will protect you from expensive court settlements by providing compensation to employees in case of injuries at provincially regulated workplaces in Ontario.
We help small business owners with the WSIB registration so that they can concentrate on running their business efficiently. Interacting with us is easy and convenient and we are only a phone call away.

When running a business, it is imperative that you pay your employees on time to maintain high morale. Alongside the monthly salary, deducting the right amount of CPP, EI, and income tax is also quite important for your business as well as your employees. However, drawing insights from your employees’ time logs and calculating payroll deductions can be a hassle.

At Sharptax Consulting, we take care of your payroll needs and significantly reduces the time and money you waste on calculating payroll deductions yourself. We also help you with customized payroll services in order to meet your needs exactly. From tracking employee deductions to preparing pay stubs, producing annual T4s, and helping in payment of remittances to CRA, let’s make your job easy.